Thursday, January 15, 2015

Walking the Path of a REAL Writer

Last night I had a difficult time sleeping. Suffice it to say I had a dream where all of my books had been safely deposited in the trash.

I wonder what brought on that sort of dream. But as I recall my journey of being published, I can't help but recall my particular journey, and I say MY because we all have our own personal writing journey to walk.

Not all of us will be self-published.

Not all of us will find that national publisher to take on our works.

Not all of us will have an agent.

Not all of us will sell loads of copies of our books the first time out the gate.

Not all of us will sell our books in bookstores.

Not all of us will want to spend the time selling our books outside a bookstore.

Not all of us will market like we should; we'd rather write after all.

Not all of us will be able to afford a publicist, or someone to market our work.

Not all of us will get on that coveted site.

Not all of us will

 get all
 5 star reviews.

Hopefully, you get my drift. In the walk we do on the path we are blessed with, not one of us will walk the same path, and that's okay. God has something wonderful, groovy if you will, in store for each of us.

And I am happy to be walking the path he has chosen for me.


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