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CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Alcander and Kiora from the YA Epic Fantasy series by Devri Walls

                 Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope           to achieve, etc.)

My name is Alcander...

What are we doing? This is ridiculous, I have things of actual importance to do, there isn't time for these absurd questions...Kiora whispers in his ear.

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Fine. Let’s get it over with. I’m the crown prince of Tavea, I’m as tall as I need to be and I don’t see how my height holds any relevance here. As far as my hopes…I’d almost forgotten how to hope before Kiora arrived. Things were so bad for so long it looked impossible. But now I hope to defeat the Shadow at Kiora’s side.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time is reserved for those not at war.

What is your favorite color and why?

Green. My homeland is surrounded with hills of green, a color I've been so long removed from that I've nearly forgotten exactly what it looks like.

What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite?

Dragon meat is delightful, but Kiora will never forgive me if I eat it again.

What would you say is your biggest quirk?

Quirk? I don’t have quirks, I’m Tavean.

Kiora whispers again.

Kiora says my quirk is that I have a soft heart, but I wouldn't suggest you repeat that to anyone. I might have to cut out your tongue.

What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why?

Irks? Who is this woman, asking such ridiculous questions!? The Shadow has stolen everything. We live in a darkness unfathomable to you and your kind. She has murdered tens of thousands and won't stop until we are all gone. The Shadow does not “irk” me, I despise her with everything that I am.

What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?

Kiora. I would sacrifice everything for her. Not because she was sent to save us, but because she inadvertently saved me. I love her innocence, it brings a light into my life I thought was long since extinguished. I don’t always understand her, but I trust her. She snuck up on me and by the 

What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit?

Before the murder of my parents and siblings, I grew up wrapped in the arms of love and laughter. I was happy. Sometimes I forget that myself. When happiness was only around for the first few years of hundreds, it becomes hard to hold onto.

If you could tell your writer (creator) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be?

Devri, I am both grateful and heartbroken in how the story ended. Are you sure that was the only way? Surely there must have been another?

Ask me any question. I've always wanted to know what a character thinks about writers like myself. I'll answer the question at the end of this interview.

Has a character, such as myself, ever affected you strongly enough that the plot of your story changed once they were born?

Yes. The wonderful thing about characters is they can tell you if the plot is going the incorrect way; they can tell you if what you have written will really come out of the main character's mouth and so on. And I believe this is good news. Listening to your characters and the lives they lead will only make your book better. Thanks for asking.

Thank you, Alcanter and Kiora!

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