Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feeling a Bit Closed In: Juggling My Way Through the Day

For any of you who know me, you'll also know that I'm at my computer, cleaning the house, and taking care of my grandchildren for most of the day. Ask me how I do that? I really don't know, other than to say I've become a juggler of all I survey.

I get out, yes, but it's to pick up the grand kids from school and to do those necessary items when they're in school...

I really try to write when I can and writing in the late afternoons and evenings really doesn't work for me, even though my daughter is home then; I'm so dead tired.

But today I was thinking, maybe it was time to get out for awhile and do nothing. Maybe it was time to take a book with me or spend my early afternoon before I pick up my grand daughter doing something outside of writing.

Juggling is one of those things that can be done, but, dare I say it? We can't juggle the entire day, nor should we. There's something meaningful, rewarding and life generating, when we take a break and just breathe.



  1. Breathing is important. Doing nothing is good sometimes. ...but, as writers, creators, & children of God... We are never just doing "nothing" are we? ;-)

  2. You're right, Dawnita. :) Even if we're sitting, we're thinking of something or dreaming about tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.


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