Tuesday, February 17, 2015

What Means the Most to You in Your Writing?

I may have covered this subject before but it came up for me again today, after the long weekend, and plenty of time to have fun with family...

What means the most to me in my writing?

I think this is a good question to ask yourself a few times a year, just to make sure you're still on track. Because I feel very strongly that I need to share my gifts, that I need to share those things that God wants me to share, and that I need to connect with others, I make these my priority.
Of lesser concern are those things I find running rampant all over the internet, that often can take priority when they shouldn't; making money, marketing every day, speaking at conferences and schools, and the like.

It isn't that these secondary things aren't important, it's just they need to be standing in their proper places, and that means (at least in my book) standing second to the first list.

Losing focus is the easy part. The hard part is sticking to your guns.

Another good question to ask is, Why do you write? The best writers I know were never in the writing business to make money; sure, they wanted to make money, but it wasn't the main reason they wrote. In fact, you may have heard of some writers who didn't really make money until after they were dead :) like Edgar Allan Poe, for example.

I like to think of writing as a journey, a journey to know yourself better, and to express who you are and what you believe to others so that they may also continue on their journeys. If I can make money along the way, that's just the icing on the cake.


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