Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What It's Like Being a Christian Writer

As I sat down to write this post this morning the idea of being a writer as well as a Christian came to me. And when I say a Christian writer, I'm not just talking about writing Christian oriented books. I'm talking about writing other books, remembering I'm still a Christian.

As a Christian I hope to produce books that anyone can read - or almost anyone, not including children (I haven't published a picture book yet) and this means I must take care not only on the language I use but on the scenes that go into my book and the characters I portray.

Sometimes this is tough, especially when I'm writing mystery. There are scenes in my books that if seen on film would be rated PG-13, but I tone them down quite a bit in writing, though hints are there that something is terribly wrong. I have characters in my book who murder, take drugs, have a less than ordinary lifestyle (one was a lady of the night) and plenty of bad guys who steal and drink to excess. What I don't have are blatant and specifically drawn out scenes that show every conceivable move made.

Being a Christian, I'd like to think that the life I live (though less than perfect) focuses more on the good things over the evil things; though evil or a bit of opposition is necessary in every good book. I'd like to think that a great story can be told without language I wouldn't personally use on a given day, and that the secrets and habits of others whether good or bad can be shown tastefully - even artfully, without having to resort to crudeness.

Less is sometimes more, and I'd like to think the best books out there give the reader more inspiration and less of the alternative. 

What do you think?

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