Wednesday, December 30, 2015


December is one of those interesting months. Folks are busy planning parties, shopping for gifts, and - dare I say it, taking a well-needed rest when they finally get a break.

I wanted to take just a pause today and share with you my top posts for December 2015. I wanted to know, if, during the month of December and all of its busyness, what my readers made time to read.

So here goes!

1. Patricia Kiyono is a well known author, so it's not a surprise that she comes in first. See her author interview here:

2. In second place is Nirit Littaney. An author of children's books, Nirit was excited for this interview - her first one!

Nirit Littaney

3. Third is my post announcing my updating of marketing book, Marketing Your Book on a Budget 2016! You can find the post here:

4. Fourth place goes to author Julie Carobini! You can find her author interview here:

5. And finally, in fifth place, enjoy Editing to Death? by yours truly. You can find the post here:

HANDS DOWN, author interviews have been the most read. I will continue these in the new year, so if you haven't interviewed with me and would like to, drop me a line at:

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