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How long have you been narrating books? What was your first project and what did you learn from it?

I’m relatively new to the audio book genre. I’ve been a voice actor for 20 years and ventured into audio books two years ago. I started with “Never Alone” a nonfiction book. I learned a lot about the subject of the book, which was childhood cancer and I learned the ins and outs of producing books as well. It was a real eye opener! I knew from the first book that narrating audio books was in a class by itself and nothing like doing commercials, training videos and telephone narrations.  

What is your favorite genre of book to narrate?

My favorite genre is Mystery/Thrillers. I love them. I love the way the author spins a tale of “who did it?” I get completely caught up in the characters. I’ve actually taken on their personalities to the point of feeling their pain and bringing real tears forth when the character is crying. It’s an amazing genre and I love it.

What have been your biggest struggle with narrating a book? Your greatest joy?

My biggest struggle was learning the technical side of production. Since I was already an audio producer, I had an advantage over someone who doesn’t know who to edit audio, but there are requirements that ACX (and other Audiobook outlets have) that a producer needs to learn, that was my biggest struggle. My greatest joy happens every two to four weeks when a new audio book that I’ve narrated is released. I can’t get over it! This NEVER becomes boring. A new Audiobook is always a huge joy! 

How long does it typically take you and the author to produce an audio book?

It really depends on the length of the book and whether I’m producing it, or having someone else produce it for me. If I can, my husband, who is also a producer, can get a book narrated and fully produced in two weeks. If the book is eighteen hours, then we obviously need more time, typically a month for something that long.

What can an author expect to make on the sales of their audio book?

That is a great question and one I wish I could answer. It really depends on the success of the hard copy and electronic sales as well. Has the book been out for a few years? Or is it newly released on audio with the electronic and hard copy? Established, popular artists (like John Grisham) are going to make quite a bit of money, because they are already selling books. It does require quite a lot of marketing for authors who haven’t had a best seller yet, but I see audio books being the number one way of “reading” a book in the future. I don’t know if that will be five years or ten, but our culture is changing so rapidly, that I think it will be necessary for an author to have their books on audio as well as electronically in order to be a best seller. It’s the way we are going technically.   

How does an author make sure he/she has the right narrator for their book?

I’ve learned that an author’s intuition is extremely important. That book is their baby! For example, I was hired for a series just last week. The author was going to go with the narrator she used for all of her former books.  I sent a sample to this author and fortunately for me, she felt that I captured her characters perfectly. That was really a joy for me so I would encourage authors to listen to as many voices as they can before choosing a new reader for their books. They know their characters since they, the author created them and they will know when they hear the right voice! Also, if you are happy with your reader, stay with them. There’s a chemistry with an author and a narrator… Friendship forms and also a trust, so I would also advise them to stick with their narrator unless that reader is failing to do their job.

What additional advice would you give to a first-time audio author?

Keep using that intuition, seek out voice talents on ACX and market, market, market!!!! This is the way people will be “reading” books in the future. Use that intuition I highly recommend getting those first books on audio as well as hard copy and electronic versions.


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