Monday, June 6, 2022

What's New with Sounds Fishy?

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New space adventure picture book!
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Adult9 book reviews

A space patrol team of fish and whales manned the earth’s orbit. Their job is to protect planet earth from the well-armed rogue sharks. The fishes and whales were not just the space patrol team members but also best friends. As it was uneventful for a while, the space patrol decided to take their long-awaited break. But, they get a distress signal from a far end. The team attended the call, and they realized it was a trap when they reached there. What happened to the team? Did they defeat the enemy? Did they save the earth?

We picked this book for its warm illustrations that have a glow-in-the-dark feel. The story is set in the future and has all the essential elements of a children’s book. It talks about friendship and how they stood all along for each other during difficult times. The pictures go well with the story.

23rd June 2022

I read it (an adult) & to AVK aged 14

4 Stars

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