Monday, August 8, 2022

Did you get your free books?


You'll get another opportunity come Christmas. I'm debating over the two books I will be providing for free. If you have a favorite of mine, make a comment and I may just choose your favorite book!

Looks like, between Mooseberry Mooseberry Gooseberry Pie, and The Human Bean, the Human Bean won, but just by a few copies!

Thank you to everyone who grabbed my book(s)! If you'd like to review one or both of them I would be very appreciative!

If you missed out on the FREE picture books but would still like a copy, here are the links to both books.


Get the book on Amazon

Although The Human Bean is no longer free today, it is on sale for $4.20. That's for the paperback! But don't wait, it may not be on sale tomorrow!

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