Monday, January 23, 2012

Surprise! My Book is Out!

Sometimes, surprises come when you least expect them.

Today, my book was released from Amazon! I am still gathering book reviewers, getting the word out, and I haven't even ordered my postcards yet for advertising!

Get my book today!

If you're publishing with Amazon, here's a head's up. Once you get your proof copy finished and you let Amazon know that you're ready by ordering books, look at about 2-3 days before you're up on their site ready to go.

Here's a snippet about my book:

"David gathered 5 smooth stones to meet and defeat Goliath. What did these stones represent and how can you use them to conquer the Goliaths in your own personal quests? Ms. Virginia Bean will show you how. 

Travel with her on her own personal journey. See what she does. Learn how she grows. Discover what she becomes.

Conquering your Goliaths--A Parable of the Five Stones" is for anyone desiring to travel beyond mediocrity, pain and fear. Learn of the great power within you, a power given to you from God, a power that must ultimately be unleashed to conquer the Goliaths in your own life. Come to an even deeper understanding of God and what he wants for you. Come..."

If you'd like a signed copy of my book, let me know, and I will send you a copy directly.

It's a beautiful, exciting day!



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