Friday, January 13, 2012

Take a Class to Help you with Your Writing

As I writer, we spend hours in front of the keyboard; minutes that take us in to days and months and years, but how often do we take a well needed break?

I took one just today. It was a class called, "Limitless Living," and it was taught by Marnie L. Pehrson. In the class I learned some important keys to living, among them:

  • "We are energy living within an ocean of energy. Energy can also be called light, truth and intelligence."
  • There are 4 core passion types: Service, Truth, Empathy and Potential. I learned how my passion type helps me in life both negatively and positively. (If you take the test link that I posted yesterday you'll have a greater idea of what I mean). 
  • Photo by: Deejay_fbr, courtesy of Flickr
  • I am Potential, which means I like to inspire others to action. You may be Potential or you may be Service, Truth or Empathy.
  • I also learned that I'm not the only person struggling with the same issues. Being in a class with others desiring to improve their life empowers and connects me to them. I learn a lot, not only from the instructor, but from other class members.
  • I also learned how BIG money was in stopping me from my dreams and I got some things cleared up. What is stopping you? 
  • I learned about feelings. "Feelings are not bad or good, they just are." 
  • I also learned that if I wanted to lose weight I needed to stop thinking of it as "losing weight." From now on I will call it "releasing weight." I will be grateful for my body and how wonderfully it functions for me now. I will thank if for what it has given me today.
No, this wasn't a writing class, but in all experiences, especially those that change you for the better, a writer has an opportunity to use it for good. I plan on doing that very thing.



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