Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Writing with your Eyes Closed

Ever get good ideas when you're off to dream land?

Grand-daughter Bekah takes a nap.
Who knows what she could write if she was old enough?
I know I do. The problem is, I think I'm going to remember the dream in the morning, but I usually don't remember much. Either that or I forget the dream completely.

When we're in a dream sleep, ideas may come that may not usually come. We may be searching our minds in the day time to find just the right idea for a book title, and receive it at night, but we'll retain the message only if we write it down.

I keep a journal by the side of my bed where I write down my dreams. Especially if the dream was poignant, I write down as many images as I remember about my dream and the dream's effect on me. Even if I think part of my dream is disjointed and really doesn't matter, I write it down anyway. Who knows when that particular kernel will be the catalyst for something amazing!

You'd better not have your eyes closed when you're driving (not in dream land but in the real world). Having a notebook handy inside your purse or glove compartment is never a bad idea either. Great ideas come when you're doing something besides writing; washing the dishes, doing the laundry, mowing the lawn...

And the best writers I know keep their ears and eyes open for all the opportunities to hear that come to them. They're never too busy to jot a plot down, or write down the name of their missing character, or even, glean some great ideas from a conversation overhead at their favorite restaurant.

And neither should you.


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