Thursday, January 30, 2014

Are Things Looking...Scary?

I know we're not even close to Halloween, but I couldn't resist sharing a good scare this afternoon.

  • Do you ever feel as if you're not alone in the room, when you know you are the only one currently inside your house?
  • Do you ever get a bit, well, queasy, when you consider what you've watched on the news?
  • Do you find yourself turning on the hall light when you know exactly where the bedroom is?

I've had time times these, and, surprisingly, these times correlate with writing.

I know, I know, I am constantly correlating life with writing, but you know, it's what helps me remember.

  • Do you ever feel like you're sharing the room with your characters, even though you're home alone?
  • Do you get a bit, well, sick to your stomach, when you have to write a frightening scene?
  • Do you find yourself trying to turn on the hall light "called your brain" when you have writer's block?

Writing can be a scary process, especially when you feel as if your characters are speaking to you and you want to write something else. Not all scenes are a pleasant to write. You might find it a bit creepy or uneasy and feel the need to turn on the hall light just so you know that everything's going to be okay.

But I guess that's what we all want, don't we?

We want to write our best. We want to write what our character's want. We want to write even the 'hard to write' stuff. Because we want to write.

And, frankly, we need all of it.

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  1. I put myself in the setting of my characters, so I feel their tension whenever they're placed in harm's way. To create meaningful dialogue or to describe what they see and feel, you need to be there with them. It's one of the thrills of writing.


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