Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ugh! When Stress is Created by the Clock (and by Those Who Fail to Watch It)

Don't be disturbed by the title. It's what came to me this morning as I tried to get things done and others around me didn't quite see the need to do their part.

You know what I mean. You are trying to get ready for the day, the other person (whom you're dropping off at school) doesn't care as much as you do, so everyone is late.

Or...you're trying to make it to church on time the other person (maybe even more than one person) doesn't think it's a big deal to walk in while the opening song is being sung.

You want to get out the door, to anything, and the other someone is always holding you back. If it was just you, well, you'd be on time no matter what it was.

You wouldn't blame the ice
the snow
that phone call

Photo by: Ian Crowfeather, courtesy of Flickr
not being able to find your shoes

You would get there.

Yes, I am a fairly organized person. Though I'm not a perfect soul, I do schedule time for things like going to school and to church. I do like it when I know when I'm going to write and when I'm going to work at my business. I like to know when I'm babysitting my grandchildren and what I'm going to have for dinner, though the last scenario doesn't always work out. It's just easier to let that one slide.

But I hope you get the idea. Stress is often created when those around you see life differently, and this can wreck havoc with a person like me.

So, I guess I am venting today. I'm writing, yes, because I try to write on my blog at least five mornings a week, though I'm sometimes interrupted by other duties (that admittedly have been forgotten by someone else). And I'd like to think that I'm learning something by all of this.

About patience, surely.

About differences in living life, most definitely. About priorities?

Why is it that something that makes you scream can make another person just look at you and blink their eyes?

Photo by: Razmataz', courtesy of Flickr
What about you? What ruffles your feathers? Just get it out.

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