Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Colorado Fun! And some work too!

As some of you know my husband and I are in Colorado on business.I decided to come along, enjoy some time with him and get my mystery finished.

Writers, you know how it is. So many distractions! But since I've been in Colorado, and writing like crazy during the day (with little to no distraction) I've been able to complete a good portion of "Over Easy." And it has been an amazing experience!

Over Easy may be my last book in the Susan Cramer series, but it may not. I say that because I'm ready to focus on Susan's daughter for a new set of books just for teens. They will be mysteries as well and will focus on shoes believe it or not, over types of eggs. But my husband says the Susan Cramer mysteries are not finished yet. I don't know how he knows that, but sometimes, dare I say it, my husband is right.

So I will see how it goes. 

For this book, the murder takes place at a bazaar of sorts. A college student is killed. The murder weapon? A stiletto shoe. There is a huge cast of characters, including folks at the bazaar and away from it. Suffice it to say, suspects range from college students to vendors and Susan is having a difficult time pinning anyone down. It doesn't help that her husband, Henry, is sick and must finally go in for a heart transplant. And then there's her mother, always her mother, adding conflict. Brianne and Oscar are teens by now. Though she loves being a mother, Susan is always caught between her previous working life and the life as a mother she now wants to share with her children.

And then there's that continual problem with folks thinking that she's really not a detective.

So here I am writing away, and will get to my book soon enough. Play comes in the evenings and during weekends right now, and I suppose that's how it should be when you're working.

Happy Writing!


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