Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keeping Up with the Jones'

I just had to write about this subject. Not just because my last name is Jones, but because we're all so fired up as writers to outdo one another. Why can't we just be friends?

Photo by: Nono Fara
I love it when someone asks me to share my heart. I love it when they reach out. I love it, because, yes, I feel heard, and if I'm heard, I've been read.

I don't have to keep up with someone else's work, I just need to enjoy their journey. Thinking less of my own work because someone has written a book that I've always dreamed of writing doesn't serve me, but appreciating what I CAN LEARN from them is fantastic!

So, you need to know this right now. You don't need to keep up with me--yes, even though I'm a Jones and and a published writer. You just need to keep up with you and what you feel in your heart is your soul's direction.

And because you're also reading this, I thank you.

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