Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Writing Interruptions (Hugs)

You're probably wondering what this title is all about. I'll tell you. Yesterday, while getting my blog post ready, my granddaughter ran into a chair. She cut her head by her left eyebrow and we ran her to the doctor's office for stitches.

Bekah colors
Since she was so uncooperative, we went to the hospital. There they could give her the anesthesia to relax her enough so that the work could be done.

We spent most of the day at the hospital, hugging her, trying to console her scared feelings about doctors and nurses. Even though she got stickers, coloring pages, more cartoons than I'd ever want to see, and a stuffed rainbow fish, the experience wasn't one that I'd ever consider a "favorite".

Still, as this little miss was coming out of her sleepy condition on the table she had the wherewithal to ask for hugs. She asked her mom and she asked me, her little arms wrapped around my neck as she held me as tight as she could so I wouldn't go away.

There was some major comfort in this, must have been, because it took a half an hour before she was back to normal and could drink something. She wasn't hugging anymore, at least not as tightly, and she was ready for all of the wires to come off so we could go home.

Yesterday, when I could have been writing, I was receiving hugs, and lots of them, too. I had nothing to complain about.

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