Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rain in Utah Affects Writers

How I LOVE the rain.

Photo by: janesweetjieng, courtesy of Flickr
I was excited to hear it, feel it and smell it today as I went about doing my errands. It's amazing how something so simple can get a writer excited about writing, because most of all, I'm grateful.

Fires are beautiful things too, especially when they're well contained and give a body warmth when he/she needs it.

Just this year our power was out for quite a few hours and I was grateful for a fireplace. I placed small sticks and a few pieces of newspaper, and lit my little fire. It eventually grew to a large one and could support a large log without going out.

I was grateful for the warmth just as I'm grateful for a bit of cooling today.

Photo by: makelessnoise, courtesy of Flickr
I don't personally know of any writers affected by the fires of the last few weeks, but there must be a few who are just now sitting down to write about their experience.

(On the news a couple of days ago it was mentioned a family that was on vacation had not taken with them their cell phones. They couldn't be contacted to talk about their house. I wonder what they're writing about now).

Even those who aren't writers find that writing during difficult times is a healing balm. That's why I've kept a journal for more years than I've been a writer. It feels good to write it all down. The pain. The inconvenience. The hurt. Because when the day is over, it's the feelings of others who have struggled and how they have overcome that gives us the courage to look into the smoke filled sky and thank the Lord that we are safe.

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