Thursday, July 26, 2012

Where to Get Free Book Reviews

Since I've just come through the book review saga--again--I wanted to share with you some of the places I discovered and give you a bit of a head's up on where to find reviewers, especially if this is your first book.

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One of the first things you'll quickly discover when searching for reviewers is that some won't take you, others will ask for money, and yet others will know little about book reviewing.

Big book reviewers such as Kirkus Reviews may not even take a look at your work if you're a new author. They have stacks of books to review, and yours, quite frankly, may be at the bottom of the pile. Instead of shooting for the top, choose blog reviewers that have reviewed other books. Just by reading some other reviews you'll get a sense of what they do. (You can find good as well as not so good reviewers on

If a reviewer you query wants money to do the review, my opinion is, don't send it. There will be plenty of other reviewers who will review for free or for a free copy of your book. I like to think a review will be more honest and straight-forward if I haven't paid the reviewer to write it.

I have made the mistake of not checking out a reviewer; their style of writing, how they review, etc., before taking them on and I have been disappointed because of it. Do your homework. A new reviewer doesn't necessarily mean a bad reviewer but go to their blog and find out how they write by reading what they've already written. And make sure you send your book to reviewers who review your genre.

Some other suggestions:
  • Find out how many followers they have by looking on their blog. The bigger number, the more eyes that sees your book.
  • Check out who the blog owner follows. One blog owner may have a list of ten other blogs they follow that also do book reviews.
  • Get reviews from people you know that will give you an honest review. (You know who they are).
When getting book reviews it's important not only to thank the reviewer after it's posted, but to keep their name and contact information on file--for the next time you have a new book to be reviewed. 

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