Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Keeping Your Writing Fresh

Ever find yourself in the dull writing trap?
I was there this morning. I had no idea what to write so I didn't write a single thing.

Photo by: plastAnka, courtesy of Flickr

I got out of the house instead, did some errands and had fun at a fine event put on by Books are Fun. Evidently, this group spans the world, sharing their books with folks who, against their better wishes, are holed up at the hospital. Books are Fun probably travels to other unlikely places but I didn't ask about that.

My daughter had to get her blood drawn today and I was grateful to have something to do.

Photo by Daniel Morris, courtesy of Flickr

Life can be as dull or as bright as we make it. And we make it easy for it to be dull if we don't change things up a bit; even open ourselves up for a surprise or two. I purchased 3.

Some sticky notes to keep me organized, an Hello Kitty book/puzzle for my granddaughter just because she was so good as we waited for her mother, and a gift for my grandson's birthday. Let's just call it Lego/Star Wars related.

After the drive home I sat down to write again and came up with this. Maybe it's not the freshest thing  I've ever come up with, or even the most interesting, but it sure beats what I had before I left the house.

Happy Writing!



  1. morning pages can help break writers block aka Julia Cameron Artist's Way. A great book on creativity! I have the opposite going-too many ideas and not enough time to write...

  2. We used The Artist's Way in one of my college classes. It was fantastic!


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