Monday, February 25, 2013

What's In It For Your Readers?

Sometimes, when writing and publishing, we writers tend to get focused inward. Although we have been told to write to a particular audience and to focus on filling the needs of our readers, we may find ourselves looking inward to when and where we're going to make the next buck.
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Unfortunately, when we make book writing all about us; how much money we're going to make, how popular we're going to become, etc., we lose the reasons we may be writing our book in the first place.

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Yes, I go there too, but be assured that I don't live there. I prefer to ask myself, "What's in it for my readers?" And then I try to make my book and marketing efforts an answer to that question.
  • I want the words I have written to be the best I can put out there. That means I want to write inspired words; words that create meaning.
  • I want my editing to be sharp. Will my books ever be perfectly edited? No, but they will be edited.
  • I want my cover to appeal to readers who enjoy reading my particular genre.
  • I want my book's price to be fair and manageable.  
  • I want there to be a take away value. A 'so what' factor. If a particular reader finishes my book and says, 'so what?' that's a problem. If they can ask, 'so what?' and then answer that question with, "I learned...." "I experienced..." that's a great thing.
  • I want readers to come back and read other books I've written because they enjoyed the first one they read.
  • I want readers to share my book with others either literally or by word of mouth, so that someone else will have a desire to read my books.
  • I want to continue to see excitement in my reader's eyes when a free gift is given at a book signing or a book purchase.
When I ask myself, "What's in it for you?" instead of "What's in it for me?" I find that everything is taken care of. I share what I have written and others buy a particular book when it is right for them. There is no need to push or shove, just to be there to share.

God takes care of the rest.  

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