Monday, February 18, 2013

Writer's Conference a Spiritual High

If you've ever attended a writer's conference, you'll understand me when I tell you that often, you return home with so much information that your head is bursting. You may even think to yourself, "What do I do first? There is just so much information for me to assimilate, I don't know where to start."

Photo: I'm loving this Authors Summit!  This is a great panel of authors. I'm meeting so many great people!  Shanna Beaman, Paula Fellingham, Shantel McBride and others.
My husband Doug in the center. I'm sitting next to him.

The good news about the Aspiring Author's Summit I was a part of on Saturday was that the ideas were out there, but something else took the cake; I call it the icing.

Photo: This was one of the BEST Events ever, said Almost EVERYONE!!  I wish I would have taken More pictures!!  No peeling me off the ceiling tonight!!
My husband and I are the last two panelists on the left. 
Typically, when I've attended writing conferences the information is plenty but the motivation less so. Though I have been inspired to move forward I haven't been touched. Though the ideas have helped me to improve in my writing, I haven't felt as if what I'm doing extends from a higher place.

In a nutshell, I haven't felt God.

Allow me to share just a few quotes that I recorded on that day:

"Tears of joy and tears of sorrow have different chemistry."

"Changing your thoughts is better than a face lift."

"Eat that frog. Do the hardest thing first."

"Keep commitments to yourself as if you're keeping the commitments to someone else."

"81 percent of people want to write a book--but they don't do it."

"Selling 10,000 books in one week is better than selling 10,000 books in one month."

"Find your voice and then inspire others to find their voice."

"Better done than perfect."

"God has a million ways to reach us, what matters is how we reach back."

"Write about the glory within yourself."

"Be the channel of grace. Plant seeds of hope and healing."

"To sell more books, write more books."

"A co-author in a project needs to have your same heart."

A big hug you to all those who shared and to all of those I met. It was an incredible experience!

To August!


  1. Loved your post! This was such an amazing conference and there were so many wonderful people there. I have so much material to sort through. I highly recommend it for anyone who has ever thought of writing a book.

  2. Thanks, Allan. Again, it was great meeting you. Happiness with all of your projects!

  3. I so know what you mean. I didn't make it last year to a writer's conference, but so hoping to make it this year. The one I was at two years ago info was wonderful. I want more.

    1. The next Aspiring Writer's Conference is August 10 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. This year the cost was under $25. Let me know if you're interested in attending and I'll send you additional information. I know you're out of state but coming to Utah would be fun!


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