Friday, February 8, 2013

Writing for Your Business

It occurs to me that I probably haven't written a post on this subject, but I think it's important. As a writer (or even as a non-writer) we are daily confronted with opportunities to share our thoughts, whether the thoughts come through:

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Social Networking
Article Writing
Novel Writing
Resume Writing
and so on...

One of the worst things on the planet (in my humble opinion) is to send something out to the public or an individual without checking over the document for errors and clarity. Sometimes I get stuff so riddled with errors I struggle to get through it, and if it comes from a business, I immediately delete it or throw it out.

Sure, mistakes are made, (I've made them myself and continue to make them) but the cleaner your copy, the clearer you write, the easier it is for your reader to like and maybe even purchase the service or product you are offering.

They trust you because what they have read is exceptional.

Writing for your business should never be taken lightly. In a nutshell, it is an opportunity to showcase your strengths, to share with the world what makes you great.

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