Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorite Gifts for Authors

Since I am an author, and I've received plenty of gifts through the years because others know what I like to receive as an author, allow me to share with you some of my favorites...

1. Journal. A journal can never be over-rated for an author. I write many things down in my journal; many of them I use in future works. And what a nice way to be remembered, both for giving the journal as a gift, and for the use of a character that the writer dreamed up in the very journal you purchased. If you want to be especially daring, add to the journal a fancy pen. 

Photo by: basykes, courtesy of Flickr

2. Writing Book. I have received many through the years. Some of them: "The Power of Little Words," "Writing With Style," and "Writing Screenplays That Sell." The great thing about a great writing book: Even if the take away value is only one new idea, it's more than the writer knew before picking up and reading the book.

3. Fiction Book. Even non-fiction writers like a change, so change it up! I primarily write fiction but I also love the non-fiction work of C.S. Lewis. Those who know me but are unsure of what books I have will ask me, and the rest, shall we say, is history.

4. Music to write by. Who are your favorites? When the muse hits, I typically write by Josh Groban, but you will have your own favorite. Get a writer friend their favorite artist, or get them something that really sparks their creative. One of my favorites: "Ocean Waves" by Lifescapes.

Photo by: @Doug88888, courtesy of Flickr

5. Time out. This one hasn't actually happened to me personally but I can dream about it, can't I? How about a coupon that states: "I will watch your children between 1 and 5 every day for a week, to give you some uninterrupted time to write." What a gift! I have grand-children now, but two of them live with you can understand my continued feelings about uninterrupted time.

When it comes to giving a favorite gift to a writer, consider the long hours of work, the research that will be taking place, and times when even making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch is replaced by the next great scene.

I know. Yes, I've even forgotten to eat.

Now, there's an idea...

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