Thursday, December 19, 2013

Five and Dime Boutique: Artist!

You may know that my books are at the Five and Dime Boutique in Murray this month. What you may not know is the wonderful vendors that surround me.

One of them is a man by the name of Nick Morlock.

Have a little fun learning about how Nick got started:

Nick was born into and raised by a pack of wild balding monkeys. These parents instilled a passion to become a ninja at an early age. Time went on, battles were had, and the warrior life was lived, but as much as he loved the life in the shadows, it wasn't particularly lucrative. Turns out there isn't much of a need for ninjas. Luckily, Nick had a second hidden passion in life and one that would be a much more useful tool in his life, art. Now, done with school and living happily with his awesome wife, he has turned that passion for art into one source of income selling commissions and hopes to eventually make it his main source of income.


Come and take a gander at Nick's work at the Five and Dime this week, or check out his work further at:

instagram: @4funsies
twitter: @NixMix85

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