Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What Do You Want? Giving That Same Thing to Your Readers

"The most basic of all marketing principles is to give the customer what we would want" (Elder Lynn G. Robbins).

Do you believe that?

I do.

And it strikes me that for many (including myself at times), our first priority is selling books to make lots of money, when what selling our books is really about is giving our readers what we would want.

And what is that?

The candle flame © Adrian van Leen


For me, it's a great book at a fair price.

The book must have a positive take-away value. The contents have to be exceptional.

The reviews need to be honest.
The book needs to be easily available. I don't want it to be too hard to order.

What about you?

What do you want?

When you know the answers, make sure you deliver up the 'goods' to your own readers.

You've probably heard of the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Do you do more than merely 'hear' it. Do you 'live it'?

Living life (unlike "making a living") isn't a sales tactic. It's sharing what we'd like to receive.

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