Friday, January 3, 2014

Sharing Your Writing Without Fear?

Whenever there's a new writer in the room one will usually smell fear. Perhaps the writer won't say anything directly, but you get it. He or she is afraid to share their work.

I vividly remember those days and the decision I made to finally join a writer's group. The first week I was there I held my prized possession, my newly formed newspaper article, in my hands. All the people in the room were strangers to me. How could I share my work without ridicule?

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It occurs to me now that not a writer on the planet comes through the writing and publishing scenario without some lashings. It just wouldn't be fair, though it might be more enjoyable to come out unscathed.

Writing wasn't meant to be easy, and sharing our work wasn't meant to be easy.

But if we do it, like I did that day around a room full of strangers, we just might be tempted to begin another piece and yet another.

I received good news that day. But I haven't always been the receiver of glad tidings.

My first works (the ones I did initially the first few years after I decided I wanted to be a writer) were lackluster; some were outright terrible. I made copies of my work, put them in those little paper binders, and passed them out to family. How embarrassing when I look back on them now!

But they were a process of sharing. A process, I am happy to say that has gotten easier over the years.

Can I honestly say that I can now share my work without my stomach rumbling or my hands shaking?


Like the tide that comes in from the ocean, I am still gathering in my courage every time I stand up in front of a group; every time I sign and hand out a published book.

How about you?

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