Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When the Power Goes Out

I don't know what it is about feeling as if the juices should always be pumping, but I think we kind of expect it as a writer.

I will always want to write.
I will never get discouraged about writing.
I will always have ideas.
I will never have writer's block.

When the truth is we will not always want to write, we will get discouraged, we will not always have ideas come to us like a voice in the night and we will not always have our minds and hearts wide open ready to receive.

light bulb
I might be a dreamer, but I am also a realist.

Life isn't always what I planned, and sometimes, writing isn't going to come easy.

Do you find yourself stalled when:

You're stressed?
Have too much on your plate?
When the power goes out?

Yep. The power went out this morning for about two hours...two hours! You'd think that life as I knew it had ended! My first thought was, now, what am I'm going to do? I have a million and one things I've scheduled today at my computer and there's no power.

I put away the dishes.
I read.
I talked with my husband.
I reflected on life.

Wow. Maybe now I truly have something to write about!

When the light goes out at your house or in your brain (or both), don't get discouraged. Please, don't. The best thing you can do is to keep moving forward.


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