Thursday, May 22, 2014

Graduation and Other Things

I received two high school grad invitations this year and was able to attend one pre-school last day event, so my mind is on graduation and what it really means, especially if one is a writer.

We have our comfort zones don't we?  Those places we travel in order not to be too stressed or to stretched, but I wonder how comfortable these places really are.

My grand-daughter at ballet class
When one thinks of graduation, one also knows that it took some work to get there; not too many lazy days were taken or the graduate may just have had to wait another year to fulfill all of the requirements.

That's why there is summer school, and why it takes some students so long to finally finish college.

And no, I don't think it's easy to keep going, especially when health problems arise, or family problems, or money problems or...

But I think it's important to remember that even in writing, when the going gets tough, the tough, still manage to keep going or they would never finish the book of poetry or the book of fiction, or the non fiction rendition of their life.

Many of us stop. Maybe only for a moment or two, but we often feel the need to stop, if just for a moment and get our barrings. You may know this stopping as overload, as writer's block, or something equally stoppable, but if we're wise we won't stop for long.

We may pick a daisy, spend the day trolling the mall or eating our last cake doughnut and other goodies while watching the children at the park, but this loll will only be for a short time. At least where we're concerned.

For as a writer we want to learn, to grow and to accomplish. And that means graduation from pre-publication to published author and from new author to accomplished author.

We have no other choice but to keep moving forward.

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