Thursday, August 14, 2014

Market Your Book With Flair: 5 Ways to be Remembered

Almost anyone can market their book, if they are willing to get out there and talk about it.

But what about marketing with style? With flair?

Marketing so that others remember you is not always easy. There is so much competition, so much vying for attention, that it seems almost impossible for an author to get noticed; especially a newly established one.

So what should you do?

Do an unusual book signing. I have almost sworn off bookstores. Not that they aren't nice in the sense that folks are coming in to buy a book and there you are signing yours, it's just that most bookstore signings are boring.

To spruce things up I have a book signing party at my home. For my upcoming book, Sunny Side-Up, I will be having a luau at my home complete with music, dancers, food, and books. For Scrambled, I had a scrambled egg breakfast signing.

Use Animoto for your book trailers. What intrigues you the most when you hit upon a new website and/or Facebook posting? Is it the text or the video that most draws you? Even with readers, your site will get more hits and more lasting interest if you provide a video on your front page and write an occasional post with a book trailer.

To make the most of your book trailers, have a website/blog that is updated at least 3 times a week. Even more is better. Make sure your blog is professional in appearance and reflects you and your books. Make sure it is easy to use. Get out of your own head and post topics of interest to others instead of just marketing your book every day.

Get the reviews you need, the interviews that are offered on other sites; in a nutshell, work your online marketing like there's no tomorrow. Every day, along with your writing, do some marketing. Balance these two pursuits. And keep them balanced and moving forward no matter the roadblocks.

Think of creative ways to do an interview. I've started one on my site where I interview the main character of a book. I have been dabbling with interviewing the antagonist. IF YOU'RE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE, EMAIL ME AND I'LL SEND YOU A LIST OF QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED BY YOUR BOOK'S ANTAGONIST.

Finally, get out there and market! Sitting behind your desk only produces so much connection. Get out there and market your book whenever you can. Make it easy on yourself by keeping a few copies of your book in your car. Make sure you have postcards made up with your book cover on it. And be prepared to answer questions about your book because you will be asked.

Being remembered is a little like meeting someone for the first time and recalling who they are because of something intriguing they said or did.

An author remembered is just like that.

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