Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My Favorite Marketing Tool

Do you have a favorite marketing tool?

Is it book signings at your home?

Social media with all of its highs and lows?

Or is it that you love radio interviews or blog interviews?

Do you find that you love giving your book away on Amazon for a few short FREE days and to see your book rise to the top?

Like you, I enjoy all of these things, but, frankly, the best marketing tool I own takes little to no planning. In fact, this marketing tool walks with me every day, waiting for just the right moment to speak up and share.

You've got it, my favorite marketing tool is my voice.

Why is that?

I don't think I'm any different from you. In fact, I'm sure I'm not. But have you ever watched the eyes of another writer as they talk about their book? Have you wondered why someone purchases your book right at the book signing, or promises to get it online later? Or why others call you for advice in writing their own books?

It's because the best marketing tool you have, and one in which you will always have, is your voice. No matter where you are you can use this tool to talk about your book, answer questions about what you do for a living, share what you are working on next.

And all of this adds up to one thing.

More readership.

Like you, I want to get the word out, and I do it through book signings, social media, free book giveaway days and the like, but what I find truly fascinating is getting out there and talking about my book.

It doesn't cost me a cent. It's as free as the air. And yet, speaking about what I do opens the doors to many new readers.

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