Thursday, April 16, 2015

SNOW? What it has to do with your writing

Have you ever written something that didn't quite - fit?

Is your main character expressing herself in ways she shouldn't? Do you have a particular scene that seems dropped in by some romance author even though your book is science fiction?

I've had this happen and it's a little like the snow we're having in April.

Yes, it snowed yesterday, heavily. My grandchildren were even able to build a fort with it. And although they were enjoying it (I was trying to) I just couldn't get past the fact that it was April and it was snowing like it should have snowed in January.

And I couldn't help it. I thought about writing and all of the times I've had to do a little bit of weeding under the snow.

And it's hard, let me tell you.

But I've learned something important about taking care of it as soon as I see it.

The longer the snow sits, the harder it is to get to the weeds.

If you're finding it hard to weed out that chapter or that line or that scene that doesn't quite 'fit' into your story, think about it this way. You can save it for later. Maybe later you can use it in another book. But even if you don't, the shoveling is still important.

I promise.


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