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For the first time EVER I am doing a business interview on this blog. And because Charles Bray is also doing something special for authors on his site for Christmas, I thought it a good time to begin.

Get your books displayed at The Indie Tribe for Christmas

Charles' business, The Indie Tribe (http://www.theindietribe.com) has been in the running for four years, and Charles says it is "used by more and more self-published authors" all of the time. If you're a new or established author interested in promoting your book or getting your book proofread, or even, exchanging book reviews with another author, The Indie Tribe may just be the fit for you.

Here's what Charles had to say about the questions I asked him:

What would you say is the number one way for authors to get the word out about their book(s)?

I don’t think there’s just one best way. I think the author should ensure that potential readers are tripping over their books everywhere. There are stacks of opportunities offered on the internet and social media sites, many of them free. Another great way is to ensure that the seven Amazon keywords are relevant; if manipulated properly, the Amazon algorithms can be an author’s best friend.

      How can an author make their book part of your Book of the Day, or be a part of Book Spotlight?

Full details are displayed on www.theindietribe.com. Indietribe also offers many free opportunities to promote their books. One in particular is a Newsflash service where we’ll publish live news items concerning authors and their books. This service is totally free and really should be used more than it is by indie authors.

     Tell me about your proofreading service.

I try to make proofreading affordable and currently offer a professional proofreading service for a fixed fee of £195. Up to a word count of 100,000 words. I’m currently inundated at this price, but still taking work on.

I noticed you have a book review exchange program for authors on your site. How do you work such an exchange and still get fair reviews on both sides of the exchange? Do book reviews really help an author in sales? What if an author has some poor, one and two star reviews in the mix of fours and fives, for example?

It’s very difficult to achieve true honesty here and the whole Amazon review concept is an extremely hot potato at the moment. I personally am very sensitive to Amazon’s paranoia and am seriously considering removing the review exchange program. Having said that, I do feel that good, honest reviews are essential to the success of a book. It’s just short of just sitting back and waiting for them to happen, It’s difficult to think of ways to attract them fairly and honestly. I know from experience that a series of bad reviews can destroy a book’s potential and am not entirely convinced that dirty tricks by certain authors are not sometimes used. Or maybe I’m beginning to share Amazon’s paranoia. As long as you’ve got a fairly balanced set of both good and bad reviews, a book should benefit.
     What's your favorite part about The Indie Tribe? What have you learned through your journey?

I just love waving the flag for self-published authors. I know how tough it is for them in the market place and how disappointing it is to watch a book that you have shed blood, sweat and tears creating, sit wallowing at the bottom of Amazon’s ratings. I started off offering everything free through Indietribe, but soon found it necessary to cover my ongoing costs. Profit making is certainly not my motivation and I keep our prices as low as I can, as well as ensuring that we still offer services for free.

I have learned that the indie authors that succeed never stop trying, They seize every opportunity to get their book in lights. The number of authors that don’t even take advantage of free services like our Newfslash service is surprisingly high. Unsurprisingly, They are the authors that never seem to get anywhere.

Thank you Charles!

Learn more about Charles and his services at the link below:



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