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CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Amanda Lockwood from the Lockwood Legacy series

Tell me a little about yourself (where you live, who you are, what you look like, what you hope to achieve, etc.)

My name is Amanda Lockwood. Everyone calls me Mandy. I’m the youngest of the three Lockwood girls. I’m also the shortest, the only blonde in the family, and the only one with blue eyes. My biggest goal in life is to build a strong, loving family.

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What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love to cook, even though my sisters tease me because I like what we call “West Texas funeral food.” You know, casseroles that freeze well and salads suspended in Jello. But really, they’re just teasing me. My repertoire is a lot bigger than that. I’d really love to have my own cooking show.

What is your favorite color and why?

Yellow, because it’s cheerful, hopeful, and positive. I see something pretty and yellow and think about gorgeous, sunny days and all the potential they hold.

What is your favorite food? Why is it your favorite?

I love warm milk sweetened with honey because my big sister, Katie, used to make it for me when I was a little girl.

What would you say is your biggest quirk?
I always smell my food before I eat it. My sisters make fun of me for doing this all the time, but I just can’t stand food that doesn’t smell “right” to me even if it smells perfectly fine to everyone else.

What is it about your antagonist that irks you the most, and why? Share a line in the book where this irk is manifested.

I really don’t have an antagonist. I mean, I don’t want to sound self-absorbed or anything, but everybody loves me and I love that they do! I can get really annoyed with Katie sometimes when she starts acting like Daddy, which is NOT a compliment. I do ask her all the time if she was raised in a barn and she says, “No, Baby Sister, but I was raised right next to one and so were you.”

What or who means the most to you in your life? What, if anything, would you do to keep him/her/it in your life?

Well, if you don’t know our story, I don’t want to give stuff away, but first I’d have to say my sisters, and then, well . . . you’ll have to read to find out what his name is and how wonderful he is -- and just how far I’ll go to take care of the people I love even when it means doing scary things.

What one thing would you like readers to know about you that may not be spelled out in the book in which you inhabit?

A lot of times people mistake me for being a little bit of an airhead, but I’m not. You have to remember that down South “bless your heart” has multiple meanings. Just because I know how to be polite doesn’t mean I’m a pushover or that I don’t see everything that’s going on around me.

If you could tell your writers (creators) anything about yourself that might turn the direction of the plot, what would it be?

When I was living in Houston, I had a serious relationship with a U.S. Senator’s son and I broke it off because the Senator didn’t like my father and therefore didn’t like me.


Do you actually visit the places you make us go to or do you just make this stuff up for us and expect us to do the best we can?

Mandy, in my books, I've visited most of the places I write about. Sometimes I study the place I want to write about, but I've found that having some personal experience in an area in which I'm going to write about is invaluable. Of course, if the writer is writing a fantasy novel and the planet is made up, well, they've really got to convince the reader that they've been there.

Thank you, Mandy!

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