Thursday, August 25, 2016

What it Means to Self-Publish

Used to be, self-published authors were looked at with a wary, squinty eye.

No more.

Or at least, rarely.

There are still those moments, but things have changed. 

The best news is that though some retail book stores still take issue with self-published authors, and even some libraries, there's still an entire arena of folks who are open to self-published authors and the books they produce.

Being self-published takes guts, and I love that. These authors not only have to know how to write their books, they need to find a good editor, beta readers before that, know how to market, get out of their comfort zone and do speaking engagements. They must - backing up - know what makes a great cover and how to glean fans through social media and one-on-one exposure.

Though the traditionally published author must put their best foot forward, the intricacies of publishing are frankly, missing from the page. Much is done for them and though much is still expected from their publishing house, they don't carry near the burdens and opportunities as an author who has been self-published. 

I should know. I have experienced both.

I love the fact that I can choose my book's cover and layout. That I can decide on my book's price, and don't have to check back 'home' before I take a step forward in a creative direction. I love it that I can make up to 70% on each of my books over maybe 12% with a traditional publisher. And I love POD publishing, where I can order the copies I wish at one time: one, ten, or a hundred. I don't have to order a thousand books and have them sitting in my basement. I can buy as I need books.

Who wouldn't want that luxury?

I realize, of course, that there are authors out there fishing for traditional publishing, and my thumb is up for them, because, after all, we're all unique.There are authors that choose not to worry over many of the options mentioned above. It's hard enough just to write the book, without thinking about everything else. 

But I'm glad I'm now a self-published author, and that I can assist other authors who want to be self-published on their book journey.

I can't think of anything greater.


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