Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friendships and Writing

I've done hundreds of posts up until this point, but I don't believe I've ever spoken of friendship as it relates to writing.

I have friends, many of whom I have met online, that have supported me in my writing. Whether this support came through a review, a kind word, or or a purchase, I have always felt blessed to have friends on my writing journey.

Writing can be a lonely pursuit without good friends who inspire me to be better, to let go of something I am hanging on to that's pulling me down, or to get that next book out so that they can read it.

And I appreciate that.

If you're a writer too you'll know what I mean. After all of the writing and editing, it's nice to get with friends during and after the process to sort of take a load off. Comments are always appreciated, especially if a friend liked my book, but I am also grateful to those who tell me what was a struggle for them.

Maybe it was the plot. A particular character. The way I put together my chapters. Whatever it was that caused them pause, I am most grateful to hear it. 

No, it's not easy to hear it, but if I already have a relationship with this dear friend, their words are much easier for me to take in. I can then take a look at my writing and strive for improvement.

I don't care how long you've been writing, you can always improve - always. 

And I'm glad to have friends that remind me of that.


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