Wednesday, November 1, 2017

National Author's Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

Dear Readers,

I had an author interview scheduled for today, but it fell through.

Stuff happens.

As I've been thinking about what to do in place of it, it occurred to me that it's National Author's Day. Actually, I had this mostly unknown holiday written on my calendar and just now looked at it - thus, the sudden occurrence. 

Since this is also the month of that great turkey day, Thanksgiving, it also occurred to me that I wouldn't really have a job without you, the reader.

Sure, I could write until the cows came home, and perhaps this writing would help me personally, but without you, I wouldn't have much of a story. 

So, thank you. I mean it. Thank you for reading and enjoying, and reading and not enjoying my work. Thank you for reviewing, and allowing me to be on your blog with a guest post. Thank you for interviewing me, for taking take out of your busy schedule to write me a note of thanks for my newsletter. Thank you for speaking with me at book signings, even if you don't buy any of my books. 
Most of all, thanks for cheering me on. 

You know who you are.

A writer's life isn't just lonely sometimes, it's tough, and it's really nice to know that you're not alone in the world and that someone appreciates what you do.


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