Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Gingerbread House Day - What do you read?

We all know that love makes a house a home.

What about gingerbread houses?

In honor of Gingerbread House Day - a holiday, I'm afraid I'd never heard of until this year, it may be the day to go shopping for your sweet gingerbread house decorations. 

Our family usually doesn't use the real thing, preferring the graham cracker method (above) to buying or making the gingerbread, but the results are fairly similar. Candy doors and windows, a lane of icing or snow, trees made out of colorful gumdrops.

Have you ever read a book that appeared to have all of the right elements - a plot, characters, setting, and dialogue, but the book was lacking something?

This 'lacking' may have been the takeaway value. It may have been the warmth that you somehow missed while reading the story. You may have been confused by the plot, or perhaps there were too many characters to keep track of, and you were continually skimming back through the book to find out who "Sue" was.

Books are kind of like gingerbread houses. They may have all of the right elements. But what makes a gingerbread house a gingerbread home, is how you feel when you read it.

The most eloquent words won't do that, but the placement of the words. And great authors know how to place them for optimum feeling - whether that feeling is the darkness called fear, the warmth of love, or even - sweet peace.

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