Saturday, August 22, 2020

What a Real Teacher Looks Like - 3 things you need to know

School is starting, and we all know what that means. 

Get up early.

Work, work, work.

Come home.

Homework some more.

My granddaughter wins an award
2018-2019 school year

This year, in particular, things are a bit more crazy than usual. Here in Utah, many students will not be attending on Friday and will be doing remote learning on that day. Monday through Thursday, masks will be worn, hands will be washed, social distancing will be put in place [hah!] and stuff children have previously taken for granted will be off-limits.

Playground equipment use, unless they have someone cleaning it constantly.

School library use.

Even side-hugs.

Teachers of all grades have their work cut out for them. Some will be teaching online for the first time. Others will be trying to keep already rowdy classes safe and listening.

I have had many teachers in my life, from those I've gotten to know during my school years, to college, and other teachers who have been a part of my spiritual and physical life. What the good ones have in common is not as common as one might think.

 1. Listening ear. Too many teachers talk and don't listen to their students. The ones who do take a front-row seat with me.

2. Creative mind. Teach me, but don't teach me like every other teacher does. I realize that there is a curriculum to follow, but how does a great teacher follow it?

3. Open heart. If I'm having a bad day, harsh words will never heal my heart. A kind word will.

As a teacher of writing, I have to remember these three things. If I don't, I may lose my client, but not only my client, my friend. A real teacher connects with his/her students. He/she doesn't stand over them. She becomes a part of their life.


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