Wednesday, August 5, 2020

5 Questions You Must Ask Before You Self-Publish

Just because you want to self-publish, doesn't mean you get to skip some steps. Self-publishing just means you have everything to do - it's all on your plate.

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Since I've learned a thing or two about self-publishing myself and helping other authors to self-publish with a little assistance from our hybrid publishing house, Idea Creations Press, allow me to share with you five questions I always ask myself before I consider my manuscript - finished. 

1. Has my book been edited? Once you've edited your work, allowed it to sit at least two weeks before going over it again - maybe even longer - you still need another set of eyes (five is a good number) to look over your manuscript. I use Grammarly when I do my final check. And even then, things get missed, so always, always have those last-minute eyes read over your book.

2. Is my book cover the best it can be? Get some feedback. Trust in this feedback. I have one book right now that has gone through two book covers. I am still not completely satisfied with it. It's okay to update a cover after a few years, but you want the cover to be as professional as you can make it right out the gate. There are many places you can buy stock photos that you can then create a book cover from. Some of them are pretty inexpensive. For picture books: PLEASE get a professional artist/photographer unless you are a professional artist yourself, meaning you have sold some paintings, and/or have your work in an art gallery. The pictures in picture books have to be outstanding or the text will not be able to stand on its own.

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3. Especially if this is your first book published - Do I have a website/blog already running? And if so, when was the last time I posted? Daily is best. I don't post daily because of time limitations, but if you have time, do it! If you don't currently have a blog/website, get it going yesterday

4. Is my social media in place? Do I have a Facebook account? Twitter? LinkedIn? Pinterest? Instagram? GoodReads? Google+? Author page on Amazon?

5. Do I have some advertising ideas ready? If you can't afford a lot, check into Facebook and Google advertising.

Bottom line. When you self-publish, you want your book to look professional, and you want to have some ideas in place BEFORE it's published. If you are reading this after your book has already been published, never fear! Start today! 

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