Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Do You Think Your Book Will Sell? Two ways to improve your odds

Selling your book is a daunting task - especially if it's your first. 

Where do you begin? What is most important? 

While it's true that it helps, big time, to be a celebrity, or at the very least, well-known in your community, the truth is that most authors don't land big publishing houses and are about as well-known as the girl next door. 

We are just average folks trying to shine our light somewhere, trying to gain some interest, trying our best to sell a few books.

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So what do we do?


I have learned from other authors, my local library, writer's groups, trial and error, writer's conferences, and more. Just watching people is a great way to learn about characterization. One thing I am doing soon is being a part of a new Facegroup group: Two Authors, Books, & a Beverage Club. I will be a part of the goings-on in January of the new year [2022]. So take a look at Two Authors and see if you'd like to take part. They are always looking for authors to interview!

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Although we love to write, to sit back and tap the keys on our computer and dream up the next big scene, we can't always be stuck there, we must get up and be a part of the world. Another thing I like to do is to teach classes on writing, publishing, and marketing. In March of the new year [2022] I will be taking part in Authors in the Round at the Kearns Library. This will be a Saturday event held on March 12, sort of a mini writer's conference. If you'd like to join in and teach a class, please email me at: I need answers by mid-November. WE NEED YOU! 

Thanks for reading!


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