Friday, November 12, 2021

Marketing Your Book Using a Slogan?

"Have you ever felt like one of the least of these?"


I have used each of these slogans to market my books "I Walked With Jesus" and "Enlightened" but, unfortunately, I haven't used them regularly when it comes to social media. 

I have put my slogans on postcards to hand out
when readers ask about my book.
Not only is the slogan here but contact information. 

Readers like the connection with a book, something they'll remember. If they can't remember the title, they can at least remember the question you posted or the slogan that made them think. Great book marketing extends beyond the typical description of your book. A memorable slogan is like returning to a taster's table for the treat that really hit your taste buds the first time.  

"Enlightened" not only has a slogan on the back
but an additional insight on the front -
sort of a bullet list of what to expect inside

While a great tagline or slogan may not sell thousands of copies of your book [many authors do not have taglines and sell plenty of copies] your readers and potential readers will get a sense of who you are as an author and what you write by the taglines you use to market your books.

Businesses use slogans all of the time.

"Just Do It" is one example.

You may have heard these bookstore slogans:

A Bookworm's Paradise

A Novel Idea

For Booklovers

What you may have heard less of is an author using their own book slogan.

I have used a slogan for book signings. It's posted on a chalkboard easel. 

"Written a book?"

I love questions for slogans because it causes the reader to ask themselves the question being posed. 

Are you interested in gaining more interest in your book?

A slogan doesn't tell a reader what your book is about, it communicates emotion. It gives the potential reader an opportunity to look inside themself for an answer. Great slogans do more than connect two parties. They help readers to see what they'll be getting if they read your book.

When I think of the movie Shrek and the slogan, "Ogres are like onions!" I am reminded of all the layers involved in people of the less than green sort. There are many layers to individuals and many ways to reach them. To connect. To help them understand who we are and what we do. But mostly, to see themselves. 

Market your book using a slogan? What do you think?

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