Monday, July 17, 2023

Do You Have Reviewer's Block?

We have all heard of writer's block, but what about reviewer's block?

I usually post once a day, but today, while trying to find potential reviewers for my latest book, "I Walked with Jesus," I came upon this great list from Kate Tilton (

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Can your review answer any of the following?

  • What feeling did [insert book name] leave you with?
  • Would you compare [insert book name] to other books you’ve read? If so, what do they have in common? What books is it like?
  • What feelings did the book capture well?
  • Was there a uniqueness about the book that you’d like to convey?
  • Was there something this book did that you haven’t seen done before, or haven’t seen done a lot?
  • Did you finish it really quickly? Was it a page-turner? Did it keep you up all night?
As often as authors are out there trying to get reviewers for their books, this was a great list of questions for reviewers to consider before writing their reviews. It may even help them to write a better review or, at the very least, get them past "Reviewers Block". 

What do you think?

I like this idea a lot. We're all busy people, and if we can get a review out sooner versus later, I'm all for that. Plus, I don't want anyone who's promised me a review to back out at the last moment because he/she wasn't sure where to start.


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