Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Cover Reveal for book two of I Walked with Jesus


Here it is! Book two of I Walked with Jesus! Now is the time to get the first book! The paperback is only $3.44


The followers of Jesus must have felt lost and unsure after Jesus’ ascension to heaven.

Sure, they had been taught. They had been healed. They had seen miracles at Jesus’ hand. But could they live His word without being near Him?

Could the lame man who returned to the temple day after day for healing continue to wait? Could the eunuch whom many hated get answers from God? What of Tabitha who arose from the dead? What was her life like before that great day? What of other followers of Jesus – on the day of Pentecost – who were strengthened, fed, and led? How did they remain faithful?

Find out on your continuing journey with Jesus through the “Acts of the Apostles.”

I will send out chapter one in a few days - this is the updated version that will be in the book. Expect I Walked with Jesus, book two, to be out mid-September. We're almost there!

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