Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Reviews are Priceless

For any of you authors who don't believe that you can get reviews on your books, or feel as if the time and travail you put in is really not worth the effort, allow me to try and change your mind. I received this review today and have no idea who it is. What made it even more worthwhile than the 5 starts I received is that the person purchased the book and then did a review for me.

Good, quick beginner's guide


Bull Frog "author" (Pensacola FL)
Amazon Verified Purchase

This book has good, beginning advice for the self-published author about how to promote a book. It is well written and knowledgeable.


Writers, we all know how long it takes to gather our own set of reviewers, but when other readers, and in this case other writers, make the time to review our book(s) that's when the review is especially priceless.

And so I want to thank Bull Frog who has written books as well, though I couldn't find them listed on Amazon.

If you're not a famous author yet (like I'm not) and feel as if you're not reaching enough people or selling enough books, consider continuing with reviews, yes, even if your book is a year old or older, you've just about given up on it, or you're working on a new project.

Keep the reviews going and you'll find that people will see them.

And while I don't know how Bull Frog found my book, I'm grateful for the review.

Thank you!


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