Thursday, September 19, 2013

Book Titles

I was talking to an author this past weekend, and she was sharing with me how she hated to come up with titles.

"I can write the whole book but coming up with a title is another story."

For me, titles are kind of like the icing on the cake, the spring thaw, that last minute visit from a friend you haven't seen in five years.

And for me, titles come at different times.

I may get a title during the writing of my book. Often, it's a catchy phrase that I've written down that strikes me as something worthy of a title.

At other times I get the title before I begin the book. It's almost like the book is saying, "See, here's a great title, now get the book written!"

Book titles, at least for me, are rarely a struggle. I just get them.

For my first book I was watching Oprah. The answer came while I was well into writing the book.
For my second and third books, my husband nudged me with the ideas to get me started.
For my fourth book, I was taking a writing class in college and discovered I had a superb first chapter. The title came later.
For my fifth book, again, my husband said, "Don't you think you need to organize your marketing into a book?" The title came early on.
My sixth book title came after my husband said, "I think the story of Virginia needs to continue," and The Feast was born.

Having trouble with your book title?

Don't stress. Just write your book. At some time during the writing, either before or during or after, you'll have the perfect title for your book.

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