Thursday, September 26, 2013

Your Proof Copy

It's amazing what you'll find in a proof copy...

Stuff that's not centered
Stuff that's misspelled
Stuff that doesn't make sense (what was I thinking when I wrote that?)
Stuff that needs to be taken out as well as added
Covers that can be tweaked to look a bit better (we've been working a little bit more on the back cover)

(The front cover is exactly
where we want it...)

And yet, I love this part of getting a book ready for publication. I like that I can have one more look over, one more read, one more opportunity to get it slicked up for publication before you read it.

Yes, even then there will be things that I've (or some other editor has missed) but as long as the book is smooth reading, I'll be happy.


Well, I've been told that happens in the next life!

On to editing my proof...


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