Thursday, September 5, 2013

Marketing Madness: Five More Ideas

If you missed yesterdays post, you'll want to read over the first five ideas I'm implementing this time around for marketing.

Here are the second five.

1. Offer your book for free. During its "grand opening" or "release," make sure you offer your readers an opportunity to get your eBook for free. Although you won't be making any money, be assured, if they like your book, the word will spread and others will purchase your book. My book offers last a minimum of three days through Amazon.

Along with your release, list your free book at sites such as Morgen Bailey's Writing Blog, Freebooksy and Frugal Freebies.

You may also decide to do a .99 cent promotion. Try: Bookbub, Gorilla and eBook Fairy Bargains.

2. Make sure you're scheduling interviews and guest posts wherever you can. Go back through your list of previously used sites, and contact the site owners again. See if they will help you with the release of your new book.

3. After your book is listed on Amazon make sure you get it listed online wherever you can. There are many sites that offer this service for free. Some starting places: Awesome Gang, BookGoodies, SPB Roundup, and World Lit CafĂ©.

4. Do some blog radio interviews. These are actually getting a bit harder to round up and I think its because radio reviewers are getting a bit more particular. Check out: Book Report Radio with Elaine.

5. Do some of your own book reviews. I have Fridays slotted for this, and when I don't have a book to review, I put in a guest post. Book reviews bring in readers to your blog, but you need to remember that you have to also read the book before you can review it, and this takes precious time. I usually don't have a book review posted more than once a month.

Need more ideas?

You'll want to get your hands on my book, Marketing Your Book on a Budget, if you haven't already.

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