Wednesday, September 18, 2013

When Doubt Strikes in Writing

Sometimes, even after we've published, we find ourselves doubting our own abilities.

Sure, I've published a book, but maybe it was a fluke.
What if I don't have another book in me?
What if the

I have had a somewhat doubting week, yes, even after the fantastic conference.

And I think we all do that.

There are so many writers, so many ideas that may contradict what you have learned what you've come to know, that you may find yourself scrambling for the truth.

Doubt is the opposite of truth. So is fear.

And I can't help but think that we often shut ourselves down because the other option is too scary.

Will I have to speak to large groups now that I've published?
Will readers expect my next book to be as good, or better?
Will I have to actually market?

My new book coming out Sept. 30
Yes, yes, and yes.

If the truth be known, and this is the truth at least for me; I am always learning. Just because I've published doesn't mean I won't learn something new, or change what I am currently doing to make it better. The truth is, I don't want to live in doubt, and the best way I know not to live there, is to continue to move forward.

An easy task?

Not usually.

How much to do you want it?

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