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Doria is a traveler and adventurer as well as a writer. Find out why a book on Mount Everest is her all-time favorite.

Doria J. Garms-Sotelo
How long have you been writing?
Since the summer of 2012. 
Why did you decide to write? 
I had an internship with a newspaper company in Seoul and decided I loved writing about my experiences in Asia.  I then realized I had a story to tell about my high school days during the war in Sri Lanka.
What does your writing day look like? 

Most morning I go to the gym.  In the afternoons, I usually write.  In the evenings, I am usually at writing workshops. 

What do you do to study the craft? 
Read many books on writing and using others as examples. 
Do you have a goal when you'd like to be published?  What is it?  If you don't have a goal, why haven't you set one? 

Dec 16 if I am back in Korea from Sri Lanka and all editing is done.

Are you thinking to go the self-published or traditional route?
Self-publishing for now.  I do not like the idea of a traditional publisher owning my work.
Tell us about the genre(s) you write and why you like them.

I like to write mostly nonfiction for children and young adults.  The reason is that I grew up mostly in Africa and Asia and want to share them with other young readers.
Why is Into Thin Air your favorite?  What have you learned from it to help you to be a better writer?
  Product Details
This book is nonfiction about the personal account of a journalist who climbed Mount Everest.  Mount Everest has already been a dream of mine as I continue to travel the world.

What would you tell a writer like yourself, struggling to get published?
Get involved with social media and make as many postings as you can.  You need a big presence to be noticed.  Also, join as many writers groups as you can.
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